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Toppy Side Grip

Toppy Side Grip is a mobile pallet exchanger used to transfer loads from one pallet to another without tilting or inverting. Toppy Side Grip uses two plates covered with high-density neoprene foam rubber to gently secure the product on two sides, which allows the product to be lifted off one pallet and transferred to another pallet. This unit is equipped with an electric drive allowing for easy transportation and use in various locations within the facility. It does not require dedicated floor space or permanent electrical connection. For applications where mobility is not needed, the Side Grip is also available as a stationary unit.

Toppy Side Grip is available in various configurations and options. Pressure regulators, safety switches and other features ensure safe handling of delicate loads. The Side Grip is available with a side-mover option. The side-mover transfers the material to an adjacent pallet without the need of driving the load. Please view the videos below to see each unit in operation.