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Maxi Toppy Advance

The rugged and versatile Maxi Toppy Advance is used for turning and transporting large piles of paper, board, plastic, and other materials. It is self-propelled like a powerful forklift, allowing it to work where the job is. Once in position, the Maxi Toppy turns piles in less than 60 seconds.

Loads can be turned with or without applying pressure. It has a hydraulic system for lifting and an electrical system for moving. It features synchronized fork movement and centralized controls.

It does not require a permanent electrical connection and the charger can recharge the battery from any 120-volt outlet.

The Maxi Toppy Advance is the perfect complement for large and midsize printing presses and die-cutters.


Maxi Toppy AdvanceMaxi Toppy Jumbo

Maxi Toppy Advance is available in a wide-base (straddle-type) configuration.

Maximum pallet size 47 x 63 inch
Maximum fork opening 71 inch
Lifting capacity 4,000 lbs

The Maxi Toppy Jumbo shares the same features as the Maxi Toppy Advance but is engineered to handle the super large format sheets up to 81″. It is also available in a wide-base (straddle-type) configuration.

Maximum pallet size 57 x 81 inch
Maximum fork opening 63 inch
Lifting capacity 4,400 lbs