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Toppy Mobile Pile Turner and Load Inverter

The Toppy Advance MPI is self-propelled like a powerful forklift, allowing it to go where the job is. Once in position, it lifts and turns the pile in less than a minute. Piles can be turned with or without applying pressure. It has a proven hydraulic system for lifting and electrical system for moving. It does not require dedicated floor space or a permanent electrical connection.

The Toppy Mobile Pallet Inverter replaces pallets, turns and transports loads. The Toppy Advance is equipped with a push button control panel for easy operation. It can be fitted with numerous accessories to better handle certain types of loads.

Side guards keep unstable loads in place, such as small boxes and bags.

Available in a wide-base (straddle type) configuration for closed-bottom pallets.


Toppy Advance MPIMaxi Toppy Advance MPI
Pallet size 48 x 48 inch
Maximum fork opening 63 inch
Lifting capacity 2,200 lbs

The Maxi Toppy MPI shares the same function and features as the Toppy Advance MPI but is engineered to handle larger loads. This unit is also available in a wide-base (straddle type) configuration.

Pallet size 48 x 48 inch
Maximum fork opening 70 inch
Lifting capacity 3,300 lbs