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Pile Turners & Jogger-Aerators

Toppy pile turners and jogger-aerators are invaluable in increasing safety and productivity in press and finishing operations. Turning paper by hand is unsafe, time consuming, and costly. Toppy pile turners eliminate the physical demands of hand-turning paper, reducing the risk of back problems and other injuries. They remove unnecessary bottlenecks, saving precious time.

You can choose whether to dedicate an area to a stationary unit or have the flexibility of a mobile machine. Toppy mobile pile turners do the job where it is most practical and convenient. Permanent dedicated floor space is unnecessary.

For workflows where mobility is not essential, Toppy offers a line of fast and highly effective stationary machines. Standard models are installed at floor level and do not require a pit or expensive floor preparation. Automatic and programmable units are engineered for high volume operations and can be integrated with conveyors and other components to fully automate the process.

Toppy jogger-aerators allow operators to align and condition piles and remove waste sheets. Toppy jogger-aerators can also be equipped with static eliminators. These and other features make Toppy units effective on a wide range of substrates including heavy board, paper and plastic.

Toppy pile turners and jogger-aerators can handle a wide range of load sizes from half-size to the 81 super-size press sheets. With such a large range of mobile and stationary pile turners available, we will help you quickly find the perfect system for your operation. After seeing a Toppy pile turner in action, you will wonder how you operated so long without one.

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