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Food Industry

Load Inverters & Pallet Exchangers

Removing wood pallets from food production facilities reduces the risk of contamination. Toppy pallet exchangers transfer loads onto in-house washable pallets prior to the material entering clean areas. Ingredients and in-bound products often are transported on wooden pallets, which can contain bacteria and other contaminants and eliminating them from production areas greatly assists in maintaining a clean environment.

Toppy load inverters and pallet exchangers help reduce the time required to transfer loads onto new pallets, a process that is both time-consuming and physically demanding if done manually. Our solutions include both mobile and stationary units, which are available with different capacities and configurations to fit your specific loads. Our mobile units do not require dedicated floor space or permanent electrical connection. They do the work where most convenient.

For workflows that do not require a mobile solution, we offer a line of high production stationary load inverters and pallets exchangers. Automatic and programmable units are engineered for high volume applications and can be integrated with pallet stackers, conveyor rollers, robotic arms and other components.

For outbound material, Toppy pallet changers easily transfer the load onto shipping pallets allowing your facility to retain in-house pallets. Toppy load transfer systems increase productivity and safety in production facilities and are an essential component for food applications.

Toppy pallet exchangers and inverters are built according to CE standards and designed for maximum safety. Washable stainless steel systems are available.

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Food Industry

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