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Beverage Industry

Restacking liquid-filled bottles manually is time-consuming and physically demanding. Whether the need is transferring product from one pallet to another, replacing slip sheets and storage boards or any transfer combination, Toppy has a solution to increase safety and productivity.

Toppy mobile and stationary pallet inverters and load transfer systems help reduce the transfer time and reduce or even eliminate the manual labor required. You can choose whether to dedicate an area to a stationary unit or have the flexibility of a mobile machine. Toppy mobile solutions do not require dedicated floor space or permanent electrical connection. They do the work where most convenient.

For applications that do not require a mobile solution, Toppy offers a line of high production stationary systems that complements your current workflow. For facilities that require fully automated solutions, Toppy pallet exchangers can be integrated with pallet stackers, conveyor rollers, robotic arms and other components. Our extensive equipment line ensures a model to fit your specific needs.

We provide equipment to handle various pallet sizes and have effective solutions to manage slip sheets and storage boards. Toppy pallet exchangers and inverters are built according to CE standards and designed for maximum safety.

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