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Toppy Factory – Bologna, Italy


Toppy America is a leading supplier of load transfer systems, pallet inverters and jogger-aerators in North America. Companies are using Toppy units worldwide across numerous industries. Our innovative solutions are engineered to assist production and distribution facilities replace pallets and invert loads. Toppy also provides a line of equipment to facilitate turning and conditioning piles of paper, board and plastic sheets for printing and finishing operations.

We have two decades of experience providing high production Toppy equipment to North America but our story begins much earlier, operating under Technographic Services as a service company for presses and other equipment for the printing industry.

In 1995, the company introduced the Toppy equipment line to the United States and Canada and sold primarily pile turners and jogger-aerators in the printing industry. Toppy America was established in 1998 and has since expanded its product offerings to include pallet inverters, load transfer systems and material handling solutions to companies all over North America.

Working closely with our main supplier, Toppy S.r.l., we continue to provide innovative solutions to food, pharmaceutical, printing and many other industries. Toppy S.r.l. was established in 1978 and is a worldwide manufacture of material handling equipment. Based near Bologna, Italy, Toppy S.r.l. manufactures superior quality and high performance machinery. We provide an extensive line of mobile and stationary pile turners and load transfer systems including fully automated units integrated with conveyors, stackers and other components. We look forward to discussing your needs and sharing our solutions.


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